Volkswagen e-Bulli 2020


When we look at the battery section of the project named e-Bulli, we see a package of 45 kWh. Bringing up to 200 kilometers of range, the battery comes from 0 percent to 80 percent in just 40 minutes with fast charging support. Replacing the internal combustion unit in the classic version, the electric motor produces 82 horsepower and 156 Nm of torque. This is well above the 43 horsepower and 102 Nm of torque produced by the classic version. This situation reflects positively on T1’s performance data. The T1, which can reach a maximum speed of 105 km / h in the classic version, will feel the wind at 130 km / h limits with electricity conversion. It should also be noted that the vehicle is equipped with a single-stage automatic transmission. The project, which also includes up-to-date support such as independent suspension system, disc brakes, LED headlight assembly and multimedia display, will be available for 64,900 euros as a conversion package.

It is only when you look through the windows into the eight-seat interior that you notice that a few things are not as you might assume them to be in a T1. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ designers have re-imagined a lot of the interior, without, however, for a second losing sight of the original concept. The seating is one of the new features. In keeping with the external paintwork, it is also in two colours: ‘Saint Tropez’ and ‘Saffrano Orange’. Positioned within a console between the driver and front passenger seat is the new automatic transmission selector lever. Also integrated here: the start/stop button for the electric motor. Solid wood in the look of a ship’s deck is used for the floor throughout. As a result of this and the nice bright leather tones, this electrified Samba Bus takes on a maritime feel. This impression is strengthened by the large panoramic folding roof.

Engine: Electric (45 kWh)
Range: 200 km
Power: 82 hp
0-100 kph: -
Torque: 212 Nm
Top Speed: 130 km


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