Mercedes Benz GLS 600 Maybach 2021


The Maybach GLS 600 is different from the standard GLS and has a front grille with plenty of shiny chrome strips. The chrome details continue at the bottom of the bumper. In fact, the lower protection part of the bumper has chrome details.

The side view is just as impressive as the front. Because the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, with its conceptual version, has come up with huge wheels. The vehicle will come with 22-inch wheels, but 23-inch wheels are an option is specified. The chrome details on the parts of the vehicle, such as the window frames and the door sill, add to the luxurious look. As in all Maybach models, the company’s emblem appears on the D-pillar.

When we look at the rear of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, a chrome line runs along the tailgate just above the tail lights. As with all other Maybachs, the rear passengers have the opportunity to recline their seats almost completely. At the back, you can find folding tables, plenty of quality leather, refrigerator, heated-cooled-massage seats, electronic panoramic sunroof.

The power of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS comes from the AMG-produced twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. This engine produces 729 Nm of torque with 558 horsepower. The EQ Boost support system provides an additional 249 Nm of torque with 21 horsepower if needed.

Mercedes-Maybach, this engine with 0-100 km / h acceleration of this vehicle will complete around 4.8 seconds, he says. The maximum speed is 210 km / h for the US and 250 km / h for Europe.

The vehicle is expected to be available in the US with a price tag of $ 200,000.

Motor: Twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8
Weight: -
Power: 550 hp
0-100 kph: 4.8 seconds
Torque: 729 Nm / 558 lb-ft
Top Speed: 210 km


Mercedes Benz GLS 600 Maybach 2021
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