Cadillac Escalade 2021


Although Cadillac Escalade shares almost the same mechanical properties as Chevrolet’s Suburban and Tahoe vehicles, it stands out because it is more luxurious than them. We can say that Cadillac was very successful in the new Escalade. The vehicle has been modernized without any loss from its imposing and luxurious appearance. Large and curved OLED screens in the interior have made the car in a very special shape. It is also stated that the total size of the screens on the front console of the vehicle is 38 inches. The screens are not limited to those on the vehicle’s dashboard. Because for the rear passengers, 2 12.6-inch screens are located just behind the front seats.

We also see that the interior design of the new Cadillac Escalade is inspired by the Cadillac Escala concept in 2016. But of course, the interior of the new Escalade is much more spacious than that vehicle. Thanks to this width, the car has 3rd row seats and a wide trunk. Even thanks to the large space in the vehicle, Cadillac has managed to place 36 different speakers in the interior. The knee distance in the 3rd row seats of the vehicle increased by 40% compared to the previous generation, and the luggage volume behind the third row seats increased by 68%. So the new Escalade has a much larger interior volume than the old one. The car is equipped with extra equipment such as adaptive air suspension, electronic limit shift differential. The new Cadillac Escalade also received a sporty equipment option for the first time in its history. This option is called “Sport” and it stands out with its black front grille on the outer body of the vehicle.

Engine: 6.2L V-8 or 3.0L turbo
Weight: -
Power: 420-hp (6.2L) or 277-hp (3.0L)
0-60 kph: 5.5-8.0 s
Torque: -
Top Speed: -


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