2021 Suzuki Swace


The 2021 Suzuki Swace is almost identical to the Corolla Touring Sports, as evident from its design. The Japanese brand made minor tweaks in the front, just like the Suzuki Across, the RAV4 PHEV’s twin. Apart from that, there is no difference in any part of the car other than the Suzuki logo. Trying to reduce the CO2 emissions of its product range in Europe, Suzuki will offer the new Swace only with a hybrid engine. We also see Toyota’s self-charging 1.8-liter hybrid engine producing 122 horsepower in Suzuki Swace. This system has a 53 kW electric motor and a 3.6 kWh battery, while the CO2 emission of the car is 99 g / km.

The Suzuki Swace is equipped with an eight-inch multimedia audio system with AM/FM/DAB radio, Bluetooth function, and controls on the steering wheel for ease of use. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay for iPhone, as well as Android Auto and MirrorLink for compatible smartphones.

Engine: 1.8-Liter Hybrid
Power: 122 hp
Battery: 3.6 kWh
CO2 emission: 99 g/km
Torque: -
Weight: -


2021 Suzuki Swace
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