2021 Ford Transit Trail


Ford brought off-road versions for Transit and Transit Custom models. The 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engines produce 130, 170 and 185 hp. Vehicles can be purchased with panel van or double cabin van body types. The 2021 Transit Custom Trail version is also equipped with an extra 48 Volf light hybrid technology. Ford has also made some changes to the cabin, adding a new limited-slip differential to suit vehicles in difficult terrain. The vehicles also have a traction control system that responds better on slippery surfaces. In the Transit model, Ford’s “smart” all-wheel drive system is also available. Based on the rear-wheel drive Transit, the system normally delivers power to the rear axle only. However, according to road conditions, 50% of the total power can be transferred to the front wheels.

The Blue Oval is decorated with black plastic pieces on the front and rear bumper and the side panels to complete the look. The wheels, which are specially designed for vehicles carrying the Trail emblem attached to the front doors, are 16 inches in diameter. In the Transit Custom model, roof rails are also available. In cars with Active package, where the roof rails are offered as standard, the rim diameter is 17 “and the grill design is a little different. Half leather seats in the cabin, which uses blue decorations in the Tourneo Custom Active model, draw attention.

Engine: 2.0-liter EcoBlue
Power: 130-170-185 hp
Torque: -
Carrying Capacity: -
Top Speed: -


2021 Ford Transit Trail
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