2021 Dacia Logan


When we look at the engine of the 2021 Dacia Logan, we see that 1.5 dCi is not among the options. Dacia’s new engine range consists of 3-cylinder petrol engines. The entry-level uses a 1.0-liter atmospheric engine paired with a 65 horsepower 5-speed manual transmission. The next level is the 0.9-liter TCe engine with 90 hp. The engine can be combined with a 6-speed manual or CVT. There is also a 1.0 TCe option with 100 hp, which can be purchased with factory-produced LPG.

The new Dacia Logan has switched to the CMF-B platform. In this way, the dimensions of the vehicle, whose body stiffness was increased, also changed. When we look at the luggage volume, we see that the vehicle has reached 528 liters of luggage volume. There are also three different options in the infotainment system of the 2021 Dacia Logan models. There is a system called Media Control at the entry-level. By connecting your smartphone via the console via Bluetooth or USB connection, you can turn the system into a navigation and multimedia device. In the other two systems, there is an 8-inch screen in the center of the console. There is support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the step called Media Display.

Engine: 3.0-liter 3-cylinder
Power: 65 hp (SCe)
Power: 90 hp (TCe)
Power: 100 hp (TCe)
Trunk Volume: 328-litre
Transmission: 5-speed manual


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