Ford Bronco R Concept 2019


Ford have revealed the Bronco R concept, further hinting at a brand new Bronco model in the near future. This is a race inspired concept, rocking large off-road racing tyres, full roll-cage and competition suspension setup. Bodywork hints at the possible shape of a Bronco model which Ford said back in 2017 would arrive in around 2020. That timeline may have been pushed back, but the appearance of this concept proves the car is still on the companies radar. It was in 1969 when the Ford Bronco won the overall victory in the Baja 1000 driven by Rod Hall and Larry Minor. A feat which no other 4×4 has been able to replicate in the 50 years since.

New concept has a livery which is inspired by that 1969 Bronco, and will once again been seen taking part in the prestigious race in 2019. Rod Hall’s granddaughter Shelby Hall will be part of the driving team to take on the grueling off-road course race, in an effort to thoroughly test new Bronco’s drivetrain and architecture. As far as details go, the Bronco R concept is a typical Baja vehicle, basically just a shell mounted on a high-riding chassis with oversized wheels. Shape of the front and rear fascia, as well as the roof, are as boxy as they get and a tribute to SUVs from the 1960s. Side panels are almost featureless save for the beefed-up wheel arches. Side skirts are obviously missing here, as are the side mirrors and windows. Like any Baja-spec trunk, it rides on massive wheels wrapped in race-ready tires.

Engine: 2.7-liter EcoBoost
Power: 335 hp
Torque: 380 lb.ft
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
0-100 km/h: -
Top Speed: -


Ford Bronco R Concept 2019
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