2015 Porsche Mission E Concept


In presenting the Mission E at the 2015 IAA in Frankfurt, Porsche is introducing the first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car in the brand’s history. The concept car combines the unmistakable emotional design of a Porsche with excellent performance and the forward-thinking practicality of the first 800-volt drive system.

Key specification data of this fascinating sports car: four doors and four single seats, over 600 hp (440 kW) system power and over 500 km driving range. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, zero to 100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds and a charging time of around 15 minutes to reach an 80 per cent charge of electrical energy. Instruments are intuitively operated by eye-tracking and gesture control, some even via holograms – highly oriented toward the driver by automatically adjusting the displays to the driver’s position.

Source: Porsche Press Release

Motor: 2 Electric
Weight: -
Power: 440 kW / 590 hp / 600 PS
0-100 kph: Under 3.5 seconds
Torque: -
Top Speed: -


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