2006 Lotus Europa S


The new Lotus Europa S, a Grand Tourer inspired two-seater will provide Lotus customers with a spectacular sportscar with significantly enhanced levels of touring and cruising capability. It will provide drivers with higher levels of practicality and refinement to complement the simplicity of the Lotus Elise and Exige models.

The Lotus Europa S follows the core Lotus philosophy of performance through light weight enabling this refined and very high performing GT car to weigh just 995 kg. This low weight has been obtained through the clever use of advanced and high tech materials including an extruded and bonded aluminium chassis, composite body panels and a very advanced composite energy absorbing front crash structure.

When compared to the award winning Lotus Elise, the Europa S has a larger boot / luggage compartment and easier cabin access, resulting from lower chassis sides and a higher roof line.

Source: lotus Press Release

Engine: 2.0L Inline 4 Turbo
Weight: 995 kg / 2,193 lbs
Power: 147 kW / 197 hp / 200 PS
0-100 kph: 5.8 seconds
Torque: 272 Nm / 200 lb-ft
Top Speed: 242 kph / 150 mph


2006 Lotus Europa S
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