2000 Subaru Legacy B4 RS


The Legacy B4 model was introduced for the third generation, and was a sedan-only model. It featured the familiar DOHC, twin-turbo 2.0 litre engine rated 280 bhp (210 kW) (265 bhp (198 kW) for automatic with manual mode). This results in a 0-60 mph time of 5.2 s for the Manual and 5.8 s for the automatic. This engine was popular with Japanese buyers due to reduced tax liability based on Japanese vehicle size legislation; the car offered performance advantages over larger cars sold in Japan with bigger engines but with a smaller tax bill. The B4 moniker also applied to naturally aspirated models, such as the 2.0L TS-R.

The B4 uses a sequentially staged primary and secondary turbocharger to deliver good throttle response and a wide torque spread. The primary turbo delivers boost in the low rpm and load ranges to deliver 278Nm at 2000 rpm, while the secondary turbo joins in above 4000-4500 rpm. With both turbos boosting, a 320Nm torque peak arrives at 4800 rpm and maximum power (190 kW) is seen at 6000 rpm. Note that Japanese-market B4s – running on 100-octane fuel – are rated at 206 kW.

Source: Wikipedia (original)

Engine: 2.0L Flat 4 Twin Turbo
Weight: 1,490 kg / 3,284 lbs
Power: 210 kW / 280 hp / 285 PS
0-100 kph: 5.3 seconds
Torque: 320 Nm / 236 lb-ft
Top Speed: -


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