1999 BMW M Coupe


The BMW M Coupe, nicknamed the “Shoe”, “Clown Shoe”, “Boot”, “Shooting Brake” or “Bread Van” by enthusiasts, is a high-performance automobile produced by BMW from 1998 to 2002.

The car is based on the BMW Z3M Roadster. The semi-trailing arm rear suspension was not modified from the M Roadster. The coupe is 2.7 times stiffer than its convertible counterpart, resulting in superior handling.

M Coupes built between 1999 and 2000 are fitted with two different engines, depending on the destination market. The same engines were used as powered the 1996 to 1999 BMW M3. The US models were fitted with the S52, a 240 hp (176 kW) and 320 Nm / 236 ft·lbf) 3.2 litre inline 6 cylinder engine. European models were fitted with the S50, a 321 hp (236 kW) and 350 Nm / 260 ft·lbf) 3.2 litre inline 6 cylinder engine.

Source: BMW Press Release

Engine: 3.2L Straight 6
Weight: 1,390 kg / 3,064 lbs
Power: 236 kW / 316 hp / 321 PS
0-100 kph: 5.4 seconds
Torque: 350 Nm / 258 lb-ft
Top Speed: 272 kph / 169 mph


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