1970 Ford Torino GT


1970 saw the introduction of the second generation Ford Torino. The Torino was now Ford’s primary model with the Fairlane demoted to a sub series of the Torino family. For this generation Ford decided to move away from the boxy lines of previous full-sized Ford’s, and instead opt for lines that emulated the coke bottle styling of the era. This helped the Torino gain better consumer appeal, as the car enjoyed a good year in 1970, selling 407,493 units and winning the Motor Trend Car of the Year award.

The Torino GT model was the sporty 2-door version available as a 2-door SportsRoof or convertible. The moulded hood scoop came standard with the GT model, but was non functional and for decoration purposes only. Visual differences were visible with the full width tail lights with a honeycomb effect, black decklid appliques, GT badging and an optional reflective laser stripe that ran down the side of the car. Performance wise, Motor Trend tested the Torino GT running a 429 V8, C-6 automatic and 3.50:1 rear axle. They achieved a quarter mile time of 14.4 seconds at 100.2 mph.

Engine: 7.0L V8
Weight: 1,772 kg / 3,907 lbs
Power: 268 kW / 360 hp / 365 PS
0-60 mph: 6.4 seconds
Torque: 651 Nm / 480 lb-ft
Top Speed: 189 kph / 117 mph


1970 Ford Torino GT
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