1968 Lamborghini Espada


The Lamborghini Espada is a grand tourer which was built by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini between 1968 and 1978. Based on the Marzal show car, displayed at the 1967 Geneva Auto Show, and the Bertone Pirana, a radically rebodied Jaguar E-type. It was to fill the spot of a true four seat car in Lamborghini’s lineup, which already included the 400GT and Miura. 1217 cars were made, making it the most successful Lamborghini model at the time.

The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italdesign, shortly before he designed the Volkswagen Passat in 1971. Stylistically the Espada is the Passat’s immediate predecessor, and the Passat can be seen as a family saloon and fastback version of the Espada from a design viewpoint.

The Espada was originally fitted with a 4L 325bhp V12 engine, fully independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes. Most transmissions were manual, and the Espada also introduced one of the first automatic transmissions able to absorb the torque of a large sporting V-12. It had unusual gearing, with 3 ratios: drive, 1 and reverse.

Source: Wikipedia (original)

Engine: 3.9L V12
Weight: 1,510 kg / 3,329 lbs
Power: 239 kW / 320 hp / 325 PS
0-100 kph:6.5 seconds
Torque: 375 Nm / 276 lb-ft
Top Speed: 245 kph / 152 mph


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